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2024-03-16 - The Myth of an Overheated Planet posted by Joe

2024-03-08 - Downtime, Uptime posted by Joe

2021-01-09 - A Cheerleader's Vulgar Message Prompts a First Amendment Showdown posted by Joe

2020-01-30 - The power of Lithium posted by Joe

2020-01-30 - stmconvert posted by Joe

2019-01-15 - Free Software's Four Essential Freedoms posted by Joe

2018-12-02 - Connecting to your single board computer with VNC posted by Joe

2018-09-10 - North Carolina is anticipating Hurricane Florence posted by Joe

2018-04-16 - Amd Ryzen Problems #3 (SOLVED) posted by Joe

2018-03-20 - AMD Ryzen: Testing Part 2 posted by Joe

2018-03-18 - Never Do This: How Not To Give A Single Board GNU/Linux PC A Static-y IP Address posted by Joe

2018-03-16 - AMD Ryzen: From Buggy to Bountiful posted by Joe

2018-03-08 - Why Software Patents are not like other patents posted by Joe

2018-03-06 - CNN Invokes "Think of the Children" and Bad Math to Fan Flames of "Opioid Epidemic." posted by Joe

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