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IP address and browser information

What's my IP address? What's my user agent string? This page displays your user agent string, your IP address as it appears to our web server, and some guesses about your browser and operating environment.

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Is the IP Address displayed here really my IP?

It's really the IP address that the server sees, whether your actual IP address, or the IP address of a proxy or NAT router that requested the page on your behalf.

It says my browser is X, but it's really Y?

The guess is based on the user agent string, which is sent by the browser. Browsers are notorious for lying in their user agent strings. Browser fingerprinting, which we don't practice, can often reveal the correct browser, however. If you think we should have detected your browser and we didn't, you can contact us with your browser make and model to let us know.

The icon for my system type seems incorrect?

If the icon doesn't properly represent your system type, you may contact us and we'll try to get to the bottom of it.

I can't get past the CAPTCHA test?

It requires (first-party) cookies to be enabled.

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