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North Carolina is anticipating Hurricane Florence

Posted 2018-09-10 by Joe.

September 10, 2018 : Hurricane Florence is already a Category 4 Hurricane and it's not forecast to be anywhere near land for a couple more days.

Our city and county governments here in eastern North Carolina are calling for voluntary and mandatory evacuations (mandatory for those in low-lying coastal areas and those in substandard housing such as mobile homes; voluntary for anyone else in the eastern part of the state). North Carolina's governor has declared a state of emergency , as have those of South Carolina and Virginia. Area high schools will open as hurricane shelters beginning tomorrow.

The Weather Channel is still forecasting the center of the forecast cone to pass right over the center of North Carolina's eastern coastline (around Wilmington), with tropical storm-force winds beginning to reach land on Wednesday, Sept. 12th, and the eye making landfall Thursday night or early Friday morning, Sept 13th.

It would be very nice if the power didn't go out for long, but being realistic, it's likely to be out for at least a couple of days, as was the case with 2016's Hurricane Matthew . So here at, we have lots of containers to hold water, plenty of canned food, a good supply of flashlights and batteries, and even battery back-up units to power our cell phones for emergency calls and 4g Internet access (should it exist). In the event of an extended power outage, we can cook what's in the freezers on the grill (after the flood waters recede, if applicable). There's swimming pools nearby conveniently holding all the water we're likely to need for flushing waste. The car is topped-up with gas and ready for any emergency. An acoustic guitar is tuned and ready to provide musical entertainment.

In short, we are taking the storm seriously and we are prepared . Please do the same!


P.S. Dear Neighbors, Why are you buying up all the milk?! When the power goes out, your milk will promptly go bad. It's just not a good thing to have on hand during a summer storm. Canned and bottled drinks will last and be safe and fresh whether there's power or not; they are a better bet. That means that soda, soft drinks, beer and wine are better to have right now than milk. If you really need milk, make sure it's shelf stable milk , at least.

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