The power of Lithium

So the fire dept. just left in the wake of my son's Samsung Galaxy S6 Active's exploding and catching furniture briefly on fire.


Everyone's okay, no injuries except to the phone and the furniture, and a fan is forcing air through the house to remove the smoke.


stmconvert, copyright 2020 Joe Public,
License: wtdhpl, any version,

Download: stmconvert.tar.gz
Built and tested under Debian bullseye; theoretically should work in any environment where FreeBasic is supported.

The author asks that you license any modified or
derivative versions under the wtdhpl, the GPL,
or another free license of your choice.

Compile with FreeBasic (
as follows:

fbc stmconvert.bas

stmconvert takes an .stm file such as those
generated by "transcriber" (
(apt install transcriber under Debian)
and makes .srt subtitles, pretty free-form text, or
pretty free-form html transcription output.

The intent is to provide the ability to maintain
a single original source of a transcript in stm
or native transcriber format from which srt, text,
and html can be generated after editing or
translating the source.


stmconvert --srt|--htm|--txt sourcefile.stm